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Water - cooled chiller common sense and maintenance

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 Water-cooled chiller for general business, is the larger investment in early, after the purchase of water-cooled chiller, to buy supporting auxiliary equipment - cooling towers, circulating water pump (water-cooled screw chiller series with stainless steel water tank). Often companies are very concerned about the investment in the chiller, but the real production must be a professional technical staff, Ling Tong Xiao Bian on a brief introduction.

 1, the use of water-cooled industrial water cooler before the check should be all the equipment between the valves are all open, the tank is filled with water, cooling water tower fan has not reversed, the direction of the circulating pump is running correctly.

 2, open the total power (standard power is three-phase five-wire 380V 50HZ), the specific direct control of water-cooled chillers positive nameplate. Ling Tong to remind you that the power supply to the chiller must be stable, so as not to burn the unit or compressor, water pump motor.

 3, first open the cooling switch, and then open the chilled water pump switch, because the compressor has delayed start function, to be delayed after the compressor will automatically run, then pay close attention to the front of the water-cooled industrial chiller control panel, observe the temperature changes can be Temperature adjustments are made as appropriate to the cooling requirements.

 4, water-cooled chiller in normal operation time, should be regularly recorded unit operation data, easy to fault in the unit as soon as possible to find out the problem according to the data points. Ling Tong chiller itself has multiple protection devices, once a fault will start to protect the automatic shutdown, troubleshooting, press reset to normal operation.

 5, in the shutdown does not use water-cooled industrial chiller, the unit should be drained, water towers, pumps, water tanks and water pipes, and cover up the protection of equipment, so as not to dust and other debris.

 6, on the chiller maintenance, this is not to be ignored, the equipment and your car, after running a certain number of kilometers in the same reason the need for maintenance. Lengshui Ji need to run in six months after the cleaning condenser, evaporator, the best one year after the operation of the machine maintenance, and keep the cooling towers clean, regular cleaning.
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