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The Influence of Lubricating Oil on the Parts of Industrial Lengshui Machine

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 Lubricants, in the industrial chiller system, but also can be called frozen oil, the problem discussed in this paper is - lubricants on the industrial chiller system, the impact of various parts, and - frozen oil "where" ??

 Does lubricating oil affect system components in industrial chillers? Frozen lubricants are produced for compressor lubrication and will, of course, "affect" the compressor, but as a compressor lubricant, the lubricant should not affect other parts, such as condensers and evaporators, and should not The system of the pipeline impact, once so, will cause problems.

 Lubricating oil may also be due to poor lubrication pump that pump work, resulting in lubricants can not normally enter the compressor, resulting in lack of compressor oil, of course, if installed separator alarm device, may also lead to oil separator Oil level alarm, the compressor will shut down.

 Of course, the oil may also run oil failure, running oil may cause throttle blockage or industrial water compressor compressor oil supply (can not recover enough oil), as well as the evaporator condenser parts caused Affect (to reduce the condenser and evaporator and other parts of the work efficiency).

 If the phenomenon of oil running oil, lubricants can not be oil separator normal processing, resulting in the absence of compressor oil or separator oil level alarm, then the oil "where"?

 Some of the above mentioned, that may block the throttle valve and the evaporator, condenser fatal impact!

 Shenzhen Ling-refrigeration technology, when the oil separator can not properly recover the oil, there may be two kinds of situations: the lubricant went to the condenser, the oil ran to the evaporator.

 When the lubricants for various reasons and went to the condenser, the condenser will not be able to receive the refrigerant (due to oil clogging), which led to the condensing pressure is declining, affecting the normal operation of the condenser.

 And when the lubricants for various reasons to go into the evaporator when the evaporator is responsible for the endothermic evaporative refrigerant, too much oil involved, will lead to deterioration of the evaporation effect, if the amount of oil into the evaporator Too much, it will cause the refrigerant does not evaporate, leading to refrigerant still remain in the liquid state in the system, and finally into the industrial chiller compressor, resulting in damage to the compressor, do useless work (liquid refrigerant can not be compressed air compressor, liquid Refrigerant filled and occupy the working chamber, the compressor performance is the lack of refrigerant).
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