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Shenzhen Lingtong Refrigeration Electromechanical Co., Ltd. specializes in producing Shenzhen chillers, industrial chillers, screw chillers, cryogenic chillers, ice chillers, circulating chillers, freezers. Companies with advanced production equipment, excellent technical engineers, build the first brand chiller. In Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing, Tianjin offices, to create the world famous brand of refrigeration equipment. Lingtong Chiller is located in Guangming New District of Shenzhen City, which is convenient to transportation. It is specialized in central air-conditioning unit and terminal low temperature industrial chillers, hot and cold dual-purpose temperature control unit, low temperature glycol / brine chillers, Industrial refrigeration equipment, such as industrial refrigeration equipment research and development, production and sales of modern high-tech integrated (cold-water), industrial refrigeration chillers, industrial chillers, industrial chillers, Of enterprises.

Companies in Shanghai to set up an investment in industrial chillers branch, with its sheet metal processing plants, painting processing plants, heat exchangers processing plants, cooling towers, screw chillers factory manufacturing base. Ling Tong Shenzhen Chiller, in addition to large and medium-sized cities in the country set up a service center, we also set up an overseas marketing center to serve customers around the world.

The company introduced the international advanced technology and management experience, combined with company professionals to continuously improve customer demand for the target, to provide our clients with quality products. Ling Tong chiller factory has advanced manufacturing equipment and standardized operating procedures, the company in addition to the standard stereotypes products, but also in accordance with user requirements for the production of various types of special specifications of the chillers and related refrigeration engineering to meet customer demand for R & D and production, And to provide our clients with cold system engineering design, installation and engineering services.

"Innovation, quality, integrity, management, responsibility," "value-added for the user to reflect its own value" is our company's business philosophy and values. Lingtong industrial chiller manufacturers, we are committed to providing customers with inexpensive, high performance, excellent products, energy saving and environmental protection of refrigeration equipment. In the company 10 years of development process, the service customers and the industry alike, and has with Foxconn Group, BYD Group, the United States Group, Hewlett-Packard, Sumitomo Electric, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen University and other well-known enterprises and large and medium-sized institutions Cooperation.

"Pursuit of excellence, challenge the future!" From the company created, we have been the pursuit of perfect quality, in the future we are still, as always, strive to be the best of every detail. Ling Tong Shenzhen water chiller manufacturers, we are willing to work together with domestic and foreign customers, to provide you with the most perfect service. Members of the manufacturers call or fax inquiries about the information. Ling Tong is willing to become the ideal partner in your heart!

The future, Ling Tong chiller will continue to lead the domestic refrigeration industry development.

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