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Chiller development of the industry quickly, to meet our customers cooling needs

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 Chiller is a refrigeration equipment industry in the rapid development of a classification industry, and now the science and technology developed, the development of refrigeration equipment industry in the market under constant demand growth, refrigeration equipment companies are also pouring, to meet our customers refrigeration Demand and vigorously introduced a variety of temperature control needs of the chiller.

 For the refrigeration, I believe we are familiar with, the oldest time can be through ice, deep well water and cold water to cool, and later technology development to daily life common air conditioners, refrigerators, to the present chillers, cold storage, refrigeration has entered the practical application Of the vast world, no longer subject to the restrictions of the season, the region can be made at any time in accordance with the needs of different low-temperature and 24 hours to achieve non-stop operation, thereby enhancing plant efficiency.

 Then the chiller division of what? In industrial production and scientific research, usually according to the cooling temperature is different, we will be divided into ordinary cooling chiller (3 ~ 35 ℃), low temperature refrigeration (0 ~ -40 ℃), ultra-low temperature refrigeration (-40 ℃ ~ . Refrigeration temperature requirements, the use of refrigerants, refrigeration compressors, and refrigeration principles, refrigeration equipment will have a big difference, the composition of the cooling system is not the same.

 What is Refrigeration? Through a certain way to the product or water cooling to ambient temperature below. What is a refrigeration system? A system that operates between two heat sources for cooling purposes is called a refrigeration system. What is a refrigerant? A fluid that transfers heat in a refrigeration system is called a refrigerant. Refrigerant in the low temperature and low pressure, heat from the low-temperature heat source, and the heat at high temperature and pressure will be discharged into the high-temperature heat source, so a series of thermal processes called the sum of refrigeration cycle. This process, that is, chiller cooling process, we often say that the single-stage vapor compression refrigeration cycle.
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