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Explanation of Water Pump in Industrial Water Chiller System

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 Frozen water pump is an important part of the chiller cooling, chilled water pump is responsible for the system according to the needs of the chillers to provide a certain amount of pressure and water flow, chilled water pump, also known as water pumps, of course, chilled water pumps and not just chiller system In the only pump, the pump may also exist in the air-cooled cooling water system.

 The relationship between chilled water pumps and chiller cooling is? Chilled water pumps can determine the chilled water flow, that is, chilled water flow not only by the tank size, water tank capacity, but also by the impact of chilled water pumps.

 Water flow to a certain extent, determine the level of the cooling temperature, when the same amount of chilled water as refrigerant transport when the water flow, the greater the amount of cooling capacity will be higher.

 The water flow is controlled by the chilled water pump, chilled water pumps and chillers there is a close relationship between the refrigeration.

 The specific reasons are as follows:
 The chilled water per unit area of chilled water will be reduced, although the total cooling capacity has not changed, but chilled water per unit area of cooling capacity has been reduced, so that chilled water flow is large, The cooling effect will become worse, the temperature will become high, but this does not mean that the compressor and the entire chiller system cooling capacity deterioration.

 Frozen water pump and chiller cooling capacity there are other various relationships:
 Chilled water pump in the chilled water system, chilled water system, including water pipes, chilled water tanks, water pumps, pump specific parameter selection, type selection, and chiller type has a great relationship, and whether to choose the pump type, Can choose the parameters of the model, will directly determine the chiller's cooling capacity, and even can determine whether the chiller to work properly.

 The purpose of the chilled water pump is to increase the chilled water, the pressure parameter is a more important parameter, although according to the principle of the pump to classify, there are many different types of pumps, but commonly used in centrifugal pumps, suitable for the vast majority of open Type, closed or semi-enclosed type of chiller, chillers in!

 In addition to the pressure parameters, the parameters of the lift is also more important, head and pressure is often proportional. However, chilled water pump another important parameter - water flow, chilled water pipes should be based on the specific circumstances of the chiller system to make it!

 How to understand the chilled water pump and industrial chiller cooling capacity and the cooling effect there is a delicate relationship between the above mentioned large flow conditions, the same cooling capacity, cooling effect will be worse, but if you can ensure adequate cooling capacity, frozen The greater the water flow, the better the cooling effect, which is indeed very delicate!
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