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Ling Tong refrigeration explain how safe and stable operation of industrial chillers

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 How to ensure that the chiller operation is stable? The stability of industrial chiller operation or not related to many aspects, this article will explain in detail from a number of aspects of industrial chillers on the operational stability of what factors.

 1, maintenance
 Industrial chillers produced by industrial chillers are relatively complex machines, although the normal case of sustainable and stable operation, but if irregular, timely maintenance, chillers will be all kinds of problems.
 Maintenance and maintenance of the focus is the amount of refrigerant, the size of the pressure, temperature, thermal load, voltage and current as well as chiller load and other issues, in addition to filters, lubricants, etc. should also be a lot of attention, fans, towers and other cold water may exist Machine cooling equipment to the regular inspection and maintenance, and chillers of several large, such as compressors, condensers, evaporators, expansion valves, etc., also need regular inspection.

 2, chiller power is in line with cooling demand
 In the choice of chiller, the enterprise should choose to be able to fully meet the enterprise cooling power required chillers, chillers should also be made for the customer to provide the actual situation of reference. If the chiller can only meet the basic refrigeration requirement under the full load of high load, the long-time full load operation will lead to the chiller's damage in advance and reduce the life of the chiller, at the same time, the phenomenon of frequent failure will occur.

 3, you want the chiller operation is stable, you should find a problem in time to deal with, or small problems will become a big problem
 Lengshui Ji The most common problem is the cooling efficiency, cooling capacity decreased, found that chiller cooling efficiency significantly reduced, you should immediately deal with. Including check the amount of refrigerant, check whether the condenser and evaporator cooling requirements to meet the normal work, can be added refrigerant, dust and cleaning operations. Only to find problems in time to deal with, so as not to let small problems evolve into big problems, and thus affect the chiller operation and stability.

 Hand operation of chillers is to ensure stable operation of the chiller is an important factor. Lengshui Ji operation requires a fixed process and has some precautions on the operation and operation of the chiller do not understand, it will damage the chiller, and affect the normal operation of the chiller. In addition, the chiller various types of settings, but also need to be responsible for, and chiller protection device installation, set, should be set by the industrial water cooler manufacturers, rather than set their own business, the user if you have any questions, feel free to contact industrial cold water Factory technical staff, in order to obtain technical assistance.
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