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Regular inspection and maintenance of industrial chillers refrigeration effect is more

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 Inspection, maintenance of industrial chillers is very important, the following straight into the theme, for that inspection, maintenance for the industrial chiller several benefits:

 First of all, only the regular inspection and maintenance, in order to allow industrial chillers to maintain good working condition and cooling effect, which is the most important, but also inspection and maintenance of significance.

 Secondly, from the details, the inspection and maintenance of industrial chiller has the following benefits:

 1, regular inspection, maintenance of industrial chillers, can be found in advance to avoid the problem of excessive wear and tear parts. Parts such as screw compressor rotor, bearings, piston and other certain wear and tear, regular inspection is conducive to timely detection and timely treatment, once the inspection interval is too long or not regular maintenance, industrial chiller Of the compressor may not be able to repair, directly scrapped.

 2, regular inspection, maintenance - fan system or water cooling system to ensure that the industrial chiller's own cooling performance, and the normal operation of industrial chillers.

 3, for the refrigerant, the regular inspection and maintenance of the machine, the refrigerant can be found in the leak and missing, found after the leak, you should find a leak point to repair or replace the valve, if found missing refrigerant should be promptly filling, So as not to affect the normal cooling effect of industrial chillers.

 4, regular inspection and maintenance of industrial chillers, can be found in the pipeline blockage, foreign matter, impurities and other issues, you can develop cooling water pipes, cooling towers and other aspects of cleaning and cleaning work, cooling tower cooling water filling work, Chiller long-term, stable operation.

 5, industrial chiller circuit system also need to check, maintenance, and found the problem after the first time to resolve, or it will cause greater problems.

 Industrial chiller circuit checks, should be from the basic voltage and current, power resources, whether the need for power compatibilizer, etc., and then check the industrial chiller parts are normal work, is normal and so on.

 Sixth, even if the industrial chiller is not running for a long time, it should be checked and maintained, regular boot, so as to avoid water pumps, compressors and related components as a result of long-running oxidation and other unavoidable problems.

 In short, the inspection and maintenance of industrial chillers is very important, in general, as long as the hidden dangers can be found in advance to be able to avoid greater losses, and want to discover hidden dangers, you must check the industrial chiller, maintenance work, and A detailed time interval or work plan should be developed!
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