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The corresponding configuration to protect the safe operation of industrial chillers

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 In many cases it may not be timely enough to rely solely on manpower to check the failure of an industrial chiller, and consequently, industrial chillers have corresponding configurations to protect the safe operation of industrial chiller units, at least in the event of problems or malfunctions. The role of protection, to remind the relevant personnel attention, please may continue to run to reduce the harm caused by failure.

 What are the protective devices? First of all, the industrial chiller in the cooling when there will be an exception.

 Cooling water or cooling water cooling problems, water pump problems, will lead to industrial cooling water cooling abnormalities appear when the chiller cooling anomalies, should promptly troubleshoot the above problems, and solve the problem again after the boot run.

 In addition, the refrigerant shortage will also have a reminder or display warning. In most cases, the refrigerant shortage is a warning indicator display, rather than the alarm sound.

 Industrial chiller is very dependent on refrigerant, so when the refrigerant is missing, when there will be insufficient warning, but when the chiller shows the lack of refrigerant when the refrigerant is not necessarily missing, inadequate, there may be due to refrigerant leaks, pipe rupture And so on

 Of course, in addition to the lack of refrigerant will be displayed, the temperature is too low will be prompted, the reason may be, the valve is wrong to close the valve, cooling water problems, etc., handle and then start running.

 Other low-level protection, phase protection and water switch protection as well as pump overload protection and compressor protection (this is known), high pressure and low pressure alarm and protection (low-voltage warning, Pressure gauge, low pressure gauge will have a pressure indicator, according to the use of industrial chiller manual, see the corresponding pressure value is within the allowable or normal range), etc. These very useful alarm or protection device, configuration, can effectively protect the industry Chiller in the event of problems will not be secondary damage or produce more serious problems.

 Take the phase protection, some people think that industrial chiller prone to reverse phase problems, but the real use of this situation does not occur, the lack of electricity in the normal phase of the capacity and even less likely to occur, So there is no need to worry about the reverse rotation of the compressor or water pump. There is a lack of contact is basically a problem, not the problem of power resources.
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