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Coater generally with a chiller as a coating machine (mainly cylindrical target) cooling equipment must be added cooling water, because of its high frequency current. Current flow in the conductor when there is a skin effect, the charge will be gathered in the conductivity of a surface area, so that the conductance of the heat so the use of the middle of the tube in the middle conductor of water cooling.

Lengshui Ji is a water cooling equipment, can provide constant temperature, constant current, constant pressure cooling water equipment. The working principle is first to the machine into a certain amount of water tank, through the cooling system to water cooling, and then by the pump cooling water will be sent to the cooling equipment, chilled water will be taken away after the temperature and then back to the water tank temperature , To cool the role. Cooling water temperature can be automatically adjusted according to requirements, long-term use can save water. Vacuum coating machine with natural water and cooling towers cooling, are inevitably affected by the natural temperature, and this way the control is very unstable. Chiller control vacuum coating machine temperature, in order to ensure high-quality plating. If you do not deserve the chiller can not make vacuum coating machine to achieve high-precision, high-efficiency temperature control purposes.
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