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Chiller in the plastic industry, the main role in the plastic processing machinery forming mold, the chilled water into the mold internal flow channel, through the heat exchange on the mold cooling temperature, the temperature maintained at a constant state to meet the needs of the production process. In this process, the mold is equivalent to a heat exchanger. Here we look specifically under the Ling-cooling for a plastic factory to provide the chiller with injection molding machine program:

The plastic factory injection molding machine 12:

Respectively: 1000KN: 3, 1800KN: 2, 2500KN: 3, 3800KN: 4, the requirements of the water temperature of 10 degrees
Ling Tong Refrigeration technology customers carefully read the site after the recommendation of customers using 30P water-cooled screw unit for centralized cooling water, centralized water supply workshop looks orderly, but also can help customers save costs. (Water-cooled screw unit 30P with 40T cooling towers one, one ton of water tank insulation, a 5.5P circulating pump).

After the use of chiller greatly improved the surface finish of plastic products, plastic products to reduce surface marks and internal stress, so that the product is easy to stripping without deformation, not shrink, thereby enhancing the production efficiency, greatly reducing defective products.
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