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Chemical industry because of its production environment (temperature, humidity) have very stringent requirements, so the demand for refrigeration equipment is relatively large.

Chemical industry, a large number of chemical contact with the chiller when the original device is corrosive, because some of the chemical used in the chiller is designed specifically for customers of a corrosion-resistant units, chemical chillers in ordinary chillers installed anti-corrosion pipeline , Stainless steel pipes, corrosion-resistant chemical pumps or stainless steel pumps, heat exchangers are 316 stainless steel or titanium, the main configuration are used the best quality, the unit more stable and more efficient.

Chemical industry in the production process chemical reaction heat release, in order to ensure product quality, need to cool down in the production process, need to use chillers, such as the reactor. Ling Tong company specializing in the production of cold water for nearly 20 years, the reactor of the chiller with a certain experience. Chemical industry, there are some machines need to be cooled, such as sanding machine, a company in Shenzhen workshop sanders need to be cooled, because the chemical plant workshop sand mill work environment has a lot of dust, according to customer requirements, our customers choose water-cooled Lengshui Ji, as a result of water-cooled chiller cooling effect, low cost, low working environment requirements. If it is in the dusty workshop with air-cooled chiller, then the chiller condenser is easy to be covered by dust and thus reduce the heat, causing the unit reported high pressure, the cooling effect is reduced. As the dust flammable and explosive take into account the safety of the workshop, to customers using explosion-proof screw-type chiller.

Customer's chilled water flow is 13m3 / h, the temperature dropped from room temperature to 7 degrees, after Division I engineers to customers with a 100 explosion-proof water-cooled screw unit, Taiwan Han Chung explosion-proof compressors, explosion-proof electrical box, explosion-proof Water pump, effectively improve the safety of the workshop, and effectively reduce the sanding machine temperature, improve product quality and production.
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